Drama’s I’m watching in the future

Extravagant Challenge - Siwon, Ivy Chen, Donghae
Absolute Darling - Jiro Wang, Goo Hye Sun
Please Ring Twice With Sincerity - Janine Chang, Peter Ho
In Time With You - Ariel Lin, Bolin Chen (Sept 18th, after Hayate)
Happy Michelin Kitchen - Blue Lan, Cheryl Yang (Feb 2012)
Rainbow Sweetheart - Jimmy Lin, Cherrie Yang
Runaway Sweetheart - Chen Xiang, Zheng Jing Xin (Sept 23th)
My Wonderful Life - Jerry Yan, Chen Yan Fei
Office Girls - Roy Qiu, Alice Ke, James Wen (Aug 21st, after DTLY)
Yellow Ribbon Love - Genie Zhou, Michael Zhang, Jocelyn Wang, Gino (Aug 16th)

Can’t Lose - Choi Ji Woo, Yoon Sang Hyun (Aug 24th)
-after MBC’s You’ve Fallen For Me
A Thousand Kisses - Ji Hyun Woo, Seo Young Hee, Ryu Jin, Kim So Eun (Aug 20th)
-after MBC’s Twinkle Twinkle
Man of Honor - Park Min Young, Chun Jung Myung (Oct 12th)
-after KBS’s The Princess’ Man
Tree With Deep Roots - Jang Hyuk, Shin Se Kyung, Song Joong Ki (Sept 28th)
-after SBS’s Protect The Boss
A Thousand Days Promise - Soo Ae, Kim Rae Won (Sept 26th)
-after SBS’s Warrior Baek Dong Soo
Poseidon - Choi Si Won, Lee Si Young, Lee Sung Jae (Sept 19th)
-after KBS’s Spy Myung Wol
Life In Style - Ki Tae Young
-after SBS’s Scent of a Women

Beautiful You, The Great Doctor/Faith, Padam Padam (Dec 2011), Love Rides The Rain (2012, KBS)

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