fangirl moment #306

There is this Korean guy in my Koreans in America class that reminds me of Ji Hyun Woo

He’s really cute ahahah. But he’s on the other side of the room and I’m not in a group with him. So no chance to be his friend LOL.

He’s also an international student!

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fangirl moment #305

Golden Rainbow

My pedonoonaness always comes back to Seo Young Joo. God he is handsome!!

He’s only 15 years old man! I’m 21 LOL. Well I’m told I look really young for my age. They say I look 16 aha.

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fangirl moment #304

Empress Ki Ep 5

I screamed with Ji Chang Wook when that snake appeared. I swear where are the spiders and tarantulas. Come at me with those. I’m fearless unless they jump in my face when I’m attempting to kill a spider way up high in the ceiling, where I have to climb on top of my sink to reach it.

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fangirl moment #303

Female Prime Minister Ep 28

Whenever Lu Zhen and Ah Zhan get into a fight, my eyes can’t stop tearing. I secretly love these scenes because I like when they make up xD

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fangirl moment #302

Lan Ling Wang Ep 6

DAMN YOU FREAKING SNAKE. I was so into my screen and that just pops out of nowhere >.<

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fangirl moment #301

Love, Now Ep 35

Damn that kissing scene. OMG. I can rewatch that all day!! I prefer seeing George’s kisses with Annie rather than Chris Wang’s.

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fangirl moment #300

My mood is the best when I am listening to such a good song,

For example, I am so addicted to Rainie’s 被自己綁架…

When I listen to Bii’s album, I get the chills.

When I listen to the songs from Jang Ok Jung by Lee Jung and Yim Jae Bum.

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fangirl moment #299

Just You Ep 6

I’m watching this and I thought I had something stuck to my screen like a piece of rice… I went up to pick at it… and it turns out it was part of the drama LMFAO.

It was on Puff’s face!!! An actual piece of rice!

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fangirl moment #298

Lakorn = Best type of drama.

They are better than Korean, Taiwanese, and my Hong Kong police dramas…

Koreans dramas very good and addicting, but lakorns are drugs. The feelings you get when you watch them. They have that serious misunderstanding, suspenseful moments, jealousy, plus they always add in the cheesy cute moments.

I’m so hyper because it’s freaking goooooooooooood.

Episode 8 nowwwwwwwwww <3

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fangirl moment #297

Omg watching Super Boy and I can’t stop laughing. It’s 4 people in horse masks…

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fangirl moment #296

I eavesdropped on a father-daughter Korean conversation today at work.. I was helping them out at first and then I asked the manager that knew more of the model types (landline phones) to explain better and the daughter was translating for her father.

It was amazing how I can literally understand what they were talking about. She was telling her father that the phones are the same and stuff like that.

Thank Korean dramas for some knowledge in Korean xD

I eavesdrop on mandarin conversations all the time too. I love when I can understand LMFAO. Cantonese is like, yeah typical conversation about how expensive something is (literally….)

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fangirl moment #295

Monstar Ep 6

I feel like I will always be in Nana’s position. Liking someone that is so above me. I feel for Nana!!! Watching someone I like be with another person truly hurts, but I learned that if it’s not meant to be, it’s not meant to be. Just know that there is someone else in the world for you.

Unless you are in a drama where we the viewers know that they will eventually get together, then go ahead and keep going for your man LMFAO.

And Nana’s voice is so beautiful <3
Love that we finally have part of her story!

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fangirl moment #294

Majurat See Nam Pueng Ep 11

Seeing Ken telling Pichy not to leave…. OMG THE TEARS.

*secretly reaches for tissue so my sister can’t see me crying LMFAO.

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fangirl moment #293

When A Man Love Ep 18

I don’t get how people like Mi Do’s mom… She is so rude!! It’s her obsession with MONEY that gets to me.

Sure, we might like the fact she is pushing together Mi Do and Tae Sang but if Mi Do and Tae Sang aren’t meant to be, you can’t just push them. It becomes annoying.

I only find it not annoying, when we know someone is meant to be at the end. Like Cheongdamdong Alice. I liked that the mom was pushing for Park Shi Hoo. We knew deep inside Moon Geun Young’s feelings for him.

I know money circumstances are hard, but overall it’s Mi Do’s decision whether she wants to use Tae Sang’s money, sincerely love him, be with Jae Hee, or end up with no one.

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fangirl moment # 292

Majurat See Nam Pueng Ep 7

Ken is smiling at her while she’s sleeping!! I feel the loveeeeeeeeeeeeee. I can’t help but smile and tear up. So cuteee. I love seeing Ken from mean to nice.

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